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FFE Beam Type Smoke Detectors

FFE Beam Type Smoke Detectors

FFE Fireray beam type smoke detectors are designed for smoke detection in warehouses, hangars, movie theaters, etc. that have high ceilings and at the heights where point smoke detectors lose their functions. With the 50 and 100 meters detection distance options of the Fireray beam type smoke detectors, you can safely protect 1240 sqm areas. Fireray beam type smoke detectors offer you creative solutions in your high ceiling projects with easy installation and automatically adjustable imager and emitter units. With one Fireray beam type smoke detector, you can effectively protect an area, which can be protected by only 20 point smoke detectors, and reduce your system costs.

FFE is the world's largest independent manufacturer of infrared optical beam type smoke detectors, with a production capacity of more than half a million units. All Fireray products are manufactured in accordance with globally-recognized standards such as Europe (EN54, CPD, VdS), USA (UL), China (CNTC), France (NF) and Russia (VNIIPO).


  • Automatically adjustable imager and emitter units
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 50 m and 100 m options
  • Fault and alarm information
  • Low cabling cost