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SPECTREX Flame Detectors

SPECTREX Flame Detectors

Flame detectors are among the devices that require very special knowledge and technology and are indispensable for fire alarm systems. Particularly in high-risk flammable explosive environments, detection is almost entirely executed with flame detectors. In the course of time, Spectrex has gained a well-deserved reputation for its high performance and reliability in both the petrochemical and aviation sectors. It has detectors with UV, IR, UV/IR or multiple IR sensors required for any type of application.

All models of Spectrex have ATEX, LPCB and FM approvals, and are manufactured to be used in flammable and explosive environments.

General Properties

Spectrex has various sensors, flame detectors and accessories that can be used in different environments.

  • UV Flame detectors
  • IR Flame detectors
  • UV/IR Flame detectors
  • IR3 Multi-IR Flame detectors
  • Detector installation brackets
  • Detector test simulators