Systems and Products

Fire detection and alarm systems are the systems used to detect fires in the initial stage which might be in all kinds of construction, building, facilities and businesses, to inform the inhabitants of the building, necessary security and fire departments and to protect life and property. The need for fire detection could be more clearly understandable when the fire damage of a building and residents are thought of despite all the security systems.

The fire detection systems are designed in accordance with the fire protection regulations in force and the relevant standards. There can be made various applications that can meet different needs in the buildings. The needs and level of the integration between fire detection systems and other control and security systems which are applied in heavily used high-rise buildings, factories, office buildings, hospital buildings built with recent technological structures are increasing every day.

The type, purpose of using, size and architectural structure of your buildings will be decisive for the system we recommend for you.

  1. For the buildings that have different purposes of use, there are special conditions to be complied with in Turkey Fire Protection Regulations and related standards. Also if your buildings are abroad, there will be different standards to be followed.
  2. The design of the system is done in Turkey with the EN54-14 which is accepted by TSE and in other countries with NFPA, EN, VDS standards. In addition to this, various certifications are required for the products that are used. (UL, LPCB, GOST, etc.) Therefore, the proposed system and products should be chosen in the most accurate way.
  3. Designing fire alarm systems in accordance with regulations and standards and the need to use the most appropriate system has vital importance to ensure the safety of life and property, also about legal responsibilities.

We design and establish your systems using the most appropriate software and hardware for you through our joint ventures which have been established with the world's leading manufacturers and our 40 years of experience.

Fire safety requirements and the level of integration with other building control systems will have the identifying role to establish your system. When you apply for your fire detection and alarm system, we do a wide range identification and evaluation to establish the most appropriate system. There will be a comprehensive engineering study which is done with analyzing your business and facility in accordance with regulations, standards and special needs.

The fire security protection that you want to implement is discussed and the need and level of the integration between fire detection and alarm system and CCTV, public address, access control and building automation and elevation system in the building are determined.

With discussing fire alarm scenarios, an investigation is made into whether there is a contradiction in terms of the life and property safety and the legal requirements and if this exists, solutions will be found to resolve these contradictions. Also the system options will be given with cost of material and installation with evaluating the needs of future expansion.

When the solution is accepted, implementation projects are prepared, security and system operating personnel are trained and the system is delivered after completing the installation and programming.

At the initial stage, our engineers supervise the operation of the system, complete the need of system operators if they have missing information and perform small programming settings if needed. After the system is commissioned, our technical service teams are at your disposal for the maintenance and the needs of service.

We support a wide range of fire detection and alarm system product families.

To provide as built solutions we have high-sensitivity active smoke detection devices, active gas detection devices, motorized and non-motorized beam type smoke detectors, gas detection and control units, SCADA and building management system interface units, fiber-optic temperature detection units and similar detection and control units in our product family as well as main fire alarm system products.

  • Analog systems
  • Interactive algorithm-based systems
  • Active air sampling very sensitive smoke detection systems
  • Active air sampling gas detection systems
  • Project-based beam type detectors
  • Flame and spark detectors
  • Cable-type temperature detection systems
  • Fiber-optic temperature detection systems
  • Addressable control panel network up to 160,000 points
  • Integrated firefighter and field phones in the control panel
  • Integrated evacuation amplifiers and audio control unit in the control panel
  • User graphical monitoring and control software
  • 4-dimensional detectors
  • Special detection units resistant to various weather condition
  • Special ex-proof or intrinsically safe devices for the areas where the risk of explosion exists
  • Different sizes and capacities panels according to needs
  • Integration interface units
  • Special gas sensing detector designed according to requirements