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LIOS DE.TECT Fiber Optic Lineer Heat Detection Systems

LIOS DE.TECT Fiber Optic Lineer Heat Detection Systems

When compared with the conventional cable type temperature sensing systems, we can summarize the advantages of fiber optic technology as sensing from longer cable distances and sensing even the smallest temperature changes. Particularly in highway and railway tunnels, sensing temperatures along kilometers of long distances is a problem that is hard to overcome in conventional systems. It is possible to logically create different fire zones in cable ducts, high-power energy cables, escalators and conveyors, and to operate them on the same cable by identifying separate alarm levelsin these systems that allow for sensing increases even below one degree.

High Technology and Reliability

Lios, one of the pioneers of the fiber optic temperature sensing technology that is owned by only a few manufacturers in the world, has the German VdS certificate which enables these products to be used in fire detection applications for many different purposes. It also has ATEX certification for use in explosive environments. Lios products, which have been successfully implemented in hundreds of applications in almost all continents in the world, are successfully implemented by EEC in Turkey.

General Properties

Lios fiber optic temperature sensing system consists of various sensor cables, control units and accessories with different capacities and properties that can be used in different environments.

  • OTS Series Fiber Optic Control Panels
  • Fiber Optic Temperature Cables