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EDWARDS Fire Alarm Systems

EDWARDS Fire Alarm Systems

EDWARDS Algorithm Based, Smart Interactive Fire Alarm Systems

We install fire alarm systems in your high-technology buildings, ensuring the safety of not only your life but also your properties. We provide both physical and electronic security of your building. For this reason, your buildings, whether in a single location or in dispersed areas, are now secured with the fire alarm systems installed by us.

EDWARDS is a Pioneer in Technology

As EEC, we have been implementing smart fire detection and control systems based on the algorithm-based, smart interactive Signature Series detectors and modules and EST3 control panels equipped with the real peer-to-peer network properties produced by EDWARDS, of which we have been acting as a distributor in Turkey since 1995. Voice evacuation systems that run with the 8-channel multiplex audio technology of the EST3 panels and the integrated firefighter telephone systems that ensure emergency communication as well as emergency announcement from the field are among our leading systems.

The fire alarm system is a life safety system. A problem that may arise in the fire alarm system may cost human life. For this reason, fire alarm systems are exposed to strict tests during both production and certification phases. Fire alarm system is a system that is certified upon passing the toughest tests among all low voltage control systems. Independent and internationally-recognized certificates are one of the most basic criteria in the selection of a fire alarm system. EST3 and Signature Series were tested and certified according to EN54, the European Standard that is valid in our country.

All components of the fire alarm systems produced by EDWARDS have international certificates such as UL, LPCB etc. The products are manufactured in the factories of the United Technologies in the USA and Canada.


EST3 Series fire notifications panels do not serve only as a fire notification panel, but also as a smoke evacuation panel with international certificates and a unique integration platform. This system installed in your building is the first step of a platform that is open to unlimited enhancements in the future.

EST3 also has ready and proven interfaces for integration with different systems. It is possible to ensure integration into all types of Building Automation and Industrial Automation system with interfaces that support open communication protocols such as BacNET, Modbus etc. These interfaces, which have high capacity to transmit the fire alarm system information to some thousands of points, are fully compatible with the EST3 in terms of software and hardware.

The systems that may be available in a building such as cameras, access control, intruder alarm, public announcement, lighting automation, HVAC automation, energy measurement /monitoring, etc. can also be smoothly integrated with the EST3 Series fire alarm panels and can speak the same language with them.

Why EST3

EDWARDS Fire Alarm Systems is unrivaled in the fire alarm systems sector with their advanced control and communication technologies, smart detection properties and unique survival characteristics. As all buildings are not the same, the criteria may be different according to the needs.

EDWARDS EST3 Control Panels and Signature Series Smart Fire Detectors have the properties to meet your fire alarm system needs at the highest level in all types of buildings.

  • Strong network communication that can serve facilities of all types and sizes.
  • Monitoring and control of 160.000 points in a single network with a maximum response speed of 3 seconds
  • Possibility of peer to peer network up to 40 km with copper or fiber optic cables
  • Smart smoke and temperature detectors that prevent false alarms
  • Voice emergency announcement system integrated into the system
  • Flexible emergency control programming
  • Voice emergency announcement and firefighter telephone systems integrated into the system
  • Software level integration with all building automation and SCADA systems
  • Graphics Monitoring and Control Computer that can monitor remote systems over the Internet.