Systems and Products

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are used for the protection of areas or equipment in a building. Different solutions can be created using different gas types to protect the business continuity, business image and corporate memory of an organization according to the intended use of the areas or the characteristics of equipment. Gas extinguishing systems can be established locally as well as integrated with central fire detection and warning systems.

The fire risk in your building and the characteristics and the importance of the equipment to the organization and the building are decisive factors in recommending you a suitable system.

automatic fire extinguishing systems

The intended use of equipment and areas to be protected and types of fire that may occur are the factors that determine what kind of system should be set up.

  • Different types of extinguishing systems are needed in areas that have explosive or flammable equipment, information storage areas such as data processing centers or archives or energy collection and distribution points.
  • Human presence or absence in an area is one of the factors that determine what kind of system should be installed.
  • We design and establish your systems using standards compliant software and approved gas and equipment that are produced by the world's leading manufacturers.

The importance of business continuity and your fire risk are important factors in determining the system we will establish. When you apply to us for your gas extinguishing system, we run a series of evaluation and identification studies in order to implement the most appropriate system for you.

Risk of fire at your facility is examined and your reaction to a possible fire is determined. The areas and the characteristics of these areas that require gas extinguishing systems are determined. Other preventions in electrical, mechanical and constructional scopes are determined and reported for the areas that gas extinguishing systems will be applied.

Approved software is used and the human factor in the areas where gas extinguishing systems will be applied is considered when presenting the most suitable solution that will meet requirements. We present system options with product and installation costs after taking into account future expansions and supply needs.

After the installation of the system, a gas leakage test is done before the system is activated to ensure a reliable system. When a decision has been reached, installation projects are prepared, installation and programming is completed, operating personnel are trained and the system is delivered. During the initial stages of operation, our engineers supervise how the system works, retrain your personnel if necessary and apply minor tweaks to the programming if needed.

Our technical service teams are at your disposal for your maintenance and service needs after your system becomes operational. We produce the systems that you require with a choice of different products.

In order to provide turn-key solutions, we supply different types of gas extinguishing equipment, along with gas leakage tests.