Systems and Products

Access control systems are used to monitor and control entries and exits, to reduce the usage of keys in areas that must be kept under lock, to ensure the highest level of building security management with integrated CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and other security systems in modern buildings.

In access control systems, security management software is used to implement security scenarios and keep a database of personnel and visitors.

The number of and size of the buildings and number of users as well as the type of your building are decisive factors in the system we will recommend to you.

  • Residential buildings, hotels, shopping centers, business centers, multi-user buildings, hospitals and educational institutions have different security requirements.
  • Not all access control software platforms can satisfy the management and operational characteristics of organizations that operate in more than one location, city or even country.
  • High security buildings like military institutions and prisons require different software and hardware features.

Due to our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers, we are able to design and install your system with the most suitable software and hardware.

Your security requirements and the level of integration with other building control systems play a role in deciding on the system we will install for you.

When you apply to us for your access control system, we run a series of evaluation and identification studies in order to implement the most appropriate system for you.

Your monitoring and reporting requirements are determined by analyzing your facility and business.

We discuss the safety precautions you want to install and determine whether your security system needs to be integrated with the CCTV, fire alarm, building automation and elevator systems and if so, the level of this integration.

We discuss security scenarios and determine whether there could be conflicts with life safety requirements. We find solutions that resolve these conflicts if there are any.

We present system options with product and installation costs after taking into account future expansions and supply needs.

After a decision is reached, we prepare the installation projects, complete installation and programming, train operating personnel and deliver the system.

During the initial stages of operation, our engineers supervise how the system works, retrain your personnel if necessary and apply minor tweaks to the programming if needed.

Our technical service teams are at your disposal for your maintenance and service needs after your system becomes operational.

We support a wide range of security and access control products.

In order to ensure turn-key solutions, we supply electric locks, turnstiles, barriers and similar hardware along with basic access control hardware and software products.

  • Proximity readers
  • RFID Readers
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Fingerprint, Hand geometry Readers
  • Iris and Retinal scanners
  • Combined card and biometric readers
  • Distributed intelligent control units, 1-64 reader capacity
  • Local monitoring and control workstations
  • Standard and fully redundant database access control and security control software
  • ID card preparation software
  • Card printers
  • High security type strikes
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Turnstiles
  • Barriers