Systems and Products

By using the Gas Detection and Alarm Systems in a building, flammable, combustible and toxic gas levels are monitored and if the values reach dangerous levels, the emergency or evacuation scenarios are executed like operation of the ventilation fans, closing the gas valves, the sound / light alerts etc..

The size and usage of your building is a decisive factor for the system design

Residential buildings, hotels, shopping centers, business centers, multi-owner buildings, hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions, and industrial plants require different gas detection and warning systems. Via the partnerships we have established with the world's leading manufacturers, we designthe most appropriate system solution for you.

Your gas detection and integration needs with the other building control systems define the outlines of the system we will design for you.

When you request a gas detection system from EEC, we apply a series of analysis and evaluation to implement the most convenient system for you.

  • The gas detection needs of your plant are determined.
  • The integration needs and level of your gas detection system, with the other systems in your building are determined. (Fire alarm, building automation and so on..)
  • Also by evaluating the future expansion needs, alternatives of material and installation costs are submitted.
  • After your decision about the solution, implementation projects are prepared, installation and programming is completed, the technical personnel are trained and the system is handed over.
  • The initial stage of operation of the system is supervised by our engineers. If your system operators need some more training and if there are some gaps at the application, some extra training can be arranged.

After your system is fully commissioned, our technical service team is available for your maintenance and service needs.

We support a wide range of gas detection systems and products.

To provide complete turnkey solutions, we supply graphical software for controlling and monitoring as well as the basic gas detection equipment.

  • Flammable, combustible gas detectors
  • LPG gas detectors
  • LNG Gas detectors
  • Detectors for toxic gases
  • CO gas detectors
  • Active air aspirating gas detectors
  • Ex-proof gas detectors
  • 4-20mA output industrial gas detectors
  • Gas detection and alarm panels