Complete Building Solutions

We install the technical infrastructure of high-end residences that meet the security, comfort and luxury needs of its owners without sacrificing their freedom, with the most advanced technology and high quality products. We have accumulated over 40 years of knowledge and experience that will completely meet your A+ and up living expectations during the installation and utilization stages.

We are the technology partner you are looking for

  • While we fully secure your life and property safety, we create security automation that runs in the background without your notice.
  • Our engineers are well equipped to support your architectural, mechanical and electrical groups with systems design, implementation and engineering.
  • Products that we represent are internationally known, high-quality and certified, considered either the "best" or "among the best” in their categories.
  • We service all over Turkey within 24 hours. Our local technical service staff in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep and in Baku, Azerbaijan shorten this time further.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in emergency integration and security scenario installation of building automation, fire, security and public announcement systems that will be installed in your residential complex.
  • We know well the current fire and safety standards and regulations in Turkey; we install systems that meet the demands of the municipality and fire department in full.

Call us; Let's design your dream residence or residence building for security, comfort and entertainment systems, provide things like rules and entertainment.

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