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EATON Fire Alarm Systems

EATON Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems of EATON Are Suitable for All Your Projects

EATON fire alarm systems offer a wide range of products for fire alarm systems of all sizes, from the simplest to the most complex systems, such as industrial facilities, health institutions, touristic buildings, shopping centers and residences.

All EATON products manufactured in accordance with European standards have been certified by international approval organizations such as the LPCB, BOSEC and VDS. EATON products are also available in versions that comply with US standards. EATON fire alarm systems have GOST certificates required in Russia and CIS countries. With these systems that can support 25 different languages including Turkish, we can provide solutions to all your projects in Turkey and neighboring countries.

End-to-End Complete Solutions by a Strong International Brand

With all EATON brand products, we can ensure a high level of integration of all emergency control systems such as voice evacuation and smoke control that can be expected from a fire detection and alarm system. EATON fire alarm systems can be also integrated with the Easy Check systems, which allow for automatic monitoring and testing of emergency lighting and direction signs.

Smart Electronic Addressable Detectors, Modules and Control Panels

All EATON detectors, call points and modules can be electronically addressed. With the auto-learn property of the system, the loops are searched by the panel, and all devices connected to the loop are automatically addressed. It is possible to connect up to 200 addressable devices to each loop line. There is an internal short circuit isolator unit in all devices to ensure maximum protection against short circuit faults of loop lines that can extend up to 2000 meters. 127 control panels can be networked. It is also possible to build larger network systems with the EATON’s network interface units. A high level integration with building automation systems can be achieved with the LON, BACNET and MODBUS protocols. In addition to the fire alarm and control , automatic message scenarios can be created with the electronic addressable voice alarm control devices.