Systems and Products

The aim of the smoke control and evacuation systems is to provide life safety. Also these systems can provide required air quality for people to breathe until they leave the scene of fire. The smoke should be avoided in the areas such as ladder exits, elevator hallways in order to prevent people from being exposed to smoke when they run with a possible chaos, reducing their visibility distance or losing their lives when they are feeling their way out.

In many buildings, there are sprinkler systems, fire detection systems, extinguishing systems or passive fire detection systems. Thus people can think “Why should smoke control be applied?” However, the number of people who died of poisoning is much greater than the number of people burned. So, the smoke is much more risky than flames and fire.

Smoke Control and Evacuation Systems Products

The architectural structure of your buildings, mechanical and electrical infrastructure, purpose and the user of the building are decisive factors for the system we will recommend to you.

  • Residential buildings, hotels, shopping centers, buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, have different requirements from each other for smoke control and evacuation.
  • EEC offers integrated solutions for smoke control with the quality and experience in fire alarm systems.
  • Both the LED & push-button that can be mounted on the fire alarm control panels and smoke control mimic panels that are designed special for projects are used in the applications.

Smoke control and evacuation systems which are designed for your plants are regarded to be flexible structures, intuitive and easy to use.

  • With mimic panels that specially are designed for the project, the air handling units for smoke control, air supply and exhaust fans, pressurization fans, dampers, their channels and routes can be seen on color printing.
  • All of the information about malfunction and stops of this equipment are shown on the mimic panel with highlighting the LED of that equipment in different colors (red, green, yellow)
  • With rotary switches of all of the devices that are controlled, the required device can be stopped (OFF), started (ON) or worked with automatic scenario (AUTO) during a fire.
  • Through labeling of all equipment specially in a project with special indicator and button cards that are placed on the fire alarm panels, it can be realized that monitoring and control status information of all equipment are used for smoke control.

The commands that are sent from the mimic panel which are used for smoke control by a human should be higher priority than automatic fire scenarios all the time. EEC can do it very easily using the powerful and flexible programming capability of the fire alarm panels used in projects.

EEC offers unique solutions for all kinds of projects about the management of smoke control on a large scale from the simplest to the most complex.