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VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

VESDA aspirating smoke detectors guarantee the high performance that you will need in all types of applications where smoke detection is difficult with conventional methods, and the results are insufficient. Whether very clean, very dirty, very high, very narrow and inaccessible, precise and steady fire detection is possible with VESDA detectors. These include Data Processing Centers and Telecommunication Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Warehouses and Historical Buildings, where VESDA detectors are used.

 VESDA is "Pioneer in Technology"

VESDA is the first product and undoubtedly the most advanced technology developed for very sensitive aspirating smoke detection. The  VESDA brand, which is derived from the initials of the Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, has become synonymous with such systems all around the world. Thanks to its advanced technology and unique performance,  VESDA has the most references among the systems installed in the world, and has a market share of well above 50%.  VESDA detectors also have international certificates such as UL, FM, LPCB, VdS etc. and local certificates such as GOST, which are recognized all around the world.

Strong Design and Application Support

EEC has played a leading role in the introduction of  VESDA detectors in Turkey, as in many other new technologies. Since the first  VESDA application in 1995, thousands of detectors have been successfully used in numerous applications of all types. With its strong engineering team, EEC offers solutions that comply with the EN 54-20 standard and TÜYAK Aspirating Smoke Detector Systems Application Guideline in all phases from design to application and maintenance.

General Properties

Xtralis, a market leader in the field of aspirating smoke detection, is the company that establishes and raises the standards with its  VESDA technology. With its wide ranges of products, it can respond to applications of all types and sizes.

  • Detector options with different types and capacities
  • Special detector solutions for flammable/explosive and tough industrial environments
  • Laser detection cell that does not require recalibration
  • Two-stage replaceable filter
  • Ultrasonic air flow sensor
  • Easy and accurate programming with auto learn mode
  • Very wide range of accuracy and 4 programmable alarm levels
  • Display units for local or remote monitoring
  • Graphics-based monitoring and management software