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FIREPRO Aerosol Suppression Systems

FIREPRO Aerosol Suppression Systems

We offer low-budget, effective and reliable solutions against fire hazards with our environmentally-friendly, non-toxic FirePro Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems produced by using the latest technology. FirePro Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems are the most reasonable solution to be used in case the other suppression systems are not practical to use from technical or budget perspectives.

Aerosol extinguishers which contain solid potassium carbonate compound (K2CO3) are used in these systems that stop fire with a chemical reaction, without suffocating the oxygen in the environment. With these extinguishers, they can provide protection from the smallest electrical panel to the largest industrial areas. We implement special designs and applications for the protected area with the FirePro extinguishers, which can be triggered mechanically with thermal sensors or electronically with detectors.

As FirePro Aerosol suppression Systems do not require pressure cylinders and piping, we complete the installation in a very short time. There are no additional costs such as tightness test, extinguishing gas filling and spare parts. As FirepPro extinguishers are installed in the protected area, there is no need for a separate storage area.

The FirePro Aerosol Extinguishers have the following approvals and certifications:

  • UL, LPCB, BSI, KIWA certificates
  • Compliance with EN-15276-1:2019, ISO15779 and NFPA 2010
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certificate
  • Green Label, SNAP certificates (Impacts on the Environment and Ozone Layer)
  • Approvals by EPA – Use in Human Areas
  • Atex certificate for products suitable for ex-proof spaces