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March Networks offers tailored solutions for your business

March Networks may contribute to reducing your operational and personnel losses with its tailored solutions developed specifically for the retail, finance and transportation sectors. For your general security and monitoring applications, it demonstrates higher performance than its rivals thanks to its high image quality and management features. With the software and hardware developed to eliminate the difficulties in the management of the camera systems of your branches and stores dispersed over tens or hundreds of points , you can obtain a higher performance system with a lower breakdown ratio and lower service need.

Market Leader in Industry-Specific Solutions

March Networks is a Canadian-based technology company that provides smart IP video systems solutions on a global scale. Unlike many other companies that produce CCTV, it has contributed to the transition of the world's largest public and private commercial organizations from classical CCTV systems used for high-level security, loss prevention and risk reduction to the IP-based systems by means of developing special solutions to meet the needs of various sectors, instead of producing general-purpose products. Giant corporations that use the March Networks solutions include very large retail groups such as Wal-Mart, Boots and more than 75 financial institutions including the US Bank and HSBC. As the Certified Solution Partner (CSP) of March Networks, EEC serves both domestic and international users of March Networks.

March Networks Solutions

VideoSphere is a product family that includes the high-end IP system portfolio of March Networks covering the HD IP cameras, encoders/decoders, NVRs, recording software, video analysis software and sector-specific applications.

  • VideoSphere IP Cameras
  • VideoSphere Encoders/Decoders
  • VideoSphere Network Recorders
  • VideoSphere Recording Software
  • VideoSphere Video Analysis Software
  • Video-POS Integration and Retail Software
  • Video-ATM Integration and Finance Software
  • Mobile Recording Devices