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Carrier CCTV Systems

Carrier CCTV Systems

A Wide Family of Products by One Brand for Both Analogue HD and IP Systems

The Carrier CCTV product family offers a wide range of products and solutions from small home and office camera security systems to large projects such as subways, airports, highways and city center monitoring (Mobese) systems, where thousands of cameras are monitored and records are managed. In the projects undertaken by EEC, we have been designing and implementing the Carrier camera security systems for over 10 years, with both cost-effective analogue/HDTVI cameras and recorders, and leading and unique products in the field of IP network video technologies.

Powerful and Proven Security and Fire Alarm Integration

The Carrier CCTV products can be used in your medium and large-scale projects by ensuring full integration with the Lenel Onguard and ATS Advisor Security Management Platform and access control systems developed for corporate access control applications. With this platform, where high-level information communication can be made with the EDWARDS fire alarm systems, we can achieve complete fire and security automation at your facilities.

The Carrier CCTV products meet all types of application and technical requirements.

  • IP Cameras
  • HDTVI Cameras
  • Analogue Cameras
  • Encoder and Decoder Units
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Hybrid Video Recorders
  • VSC Video Management Software
  • Monitors

The TruVision available in the Interlogix Series of Carrier conveys the benefits of digital security monitoring into commercial applications. Easy-to-install and use; TruVision cameras, recorders, monitors and interfaces allow for practical and reliable video surveillance even in the most challenging environments. For total security with a moderate budget, the TruVision Series of Carrier is perfectly compatible.

Unmatched Video Quality

Even in the most challenging environments and lighting conditions , the Carrier TruVision IP cameras offer clearer images with exceptional image quality, more detailed capture and more competitive images. Likewise, you can upgrade your system to 1080P HD quality with the Carrier TruVision HD-TVI cameras and recorders, without replacing the infrastructure of your existing analogue camera systems.


The Carrier TruVision® Navigator is a free monitoring software. The Navigator now presents all Interlogix commercial offerings (video, access control and network switches) into one integrated solution.

The TruVision TVRMobile HD

The TruVision cameras are designed not only to deliver superior image quality, but also to demonstrate exceptional performance with a wide range of video management software and recording devices for optimum security and performance.

The TruVision TVRMobile HD ensures up to 16 channels of live broadcasting with the TruVision and UltraView video systems anywhere and anytime. It brings videos to your screen quickly and easily by accessing with intuitive features including the PTZ camera control, landscape mode and snapshot.