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QOGNIFY Video Management Systems

QOGNIFY Video Management Systems

The Qognify video management system operates in integration with the camera systems available in your building that can be viewed over the internet, allowing you to monitor and record the video surveillance systems in your building professionally. It also enables you to access the camera images over the internet other than the local network in your building, and to watch the recorded or live images in case of triggering an alarm from anywhere where you can connect to the internet, without need for going to your security room. The Qognify video management system allows you to record the required images, maximize your external recording capacity and minimize the local network traffic in your building, thanks to its superior video analytics applications.

Founded in Germany in 1997, Qognify is the world's first camera software that can be viewed over the internet. With software available in many languages including Turkish, Qognify has so far been used in 20.000 network-enabled camera applications.


Qognify video yönetim sistemleri öncü network kamera markalarıyla entegre olabilmektedir. Araç plaka tanıma modülü ile de binanızdaki araç giriş çıkış trafiğini kontrol edebilir, şüpheli durumları otomatik olarak kayıt edebilirsiniz. Video Analiz modülleri ile Kayıt sunucusu üzerinde son derece gelişmiş analizlere sahip olabilirsiniz. Dünyaca ünlü marka ürünler ile software bazlı entegre olabilmektedir.

Superior Properties

  • Deep integration of over 3000 devices from around 40 leading manufacturers
  • Integration of multiple third-party systems (PSIM, access, intrusion, fire, etc.)
  • Analytics interface for connecting video analytics systems from third-party providers
  • Megapixel resolution, H.264 and H.265 codec compatibility
  • Digital watermark for the security of records
  • Possibility of executing unlimited number of external records
  • Mobile, Web and Local Client
  • Monitor Wall management
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition System
  • Video analytics systems