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Anthill Residence, Istanbul

Anthill Residence, Istanbul

We successfully completed the installation of fire alarm and access control systems in Anthill Residence which is one of Europe’s tallest residential buildings with its 210 meters height.

Anthill is constructed by Antyapı which specializes in building high-rise buildings and it is one of the tallest residential projects in Turkey and Europe. Antyapı has successfully completed similar projects like Moscow City Tower, which is still the tallest building in Europe with 306 meters height, and Federation Tower.

The reconstructing of the Bomonti area which hosts many large business centers and residence projects has become one of the most popular investment areas in Sisli. The newly opened tunnel provides easy access between the highway road and the Bosphorus, as well as keeping travel times shorter in this region. Anthill project has two towers with 54 floors and 210 meters height. The project consists of a total of 804 apartments, 5000m ² of shopping center and 40.000m ² car parking area.

EEC’s Role

In high-rise buildings, fire and security systems have definitely critical importance and different requirements than in other buildings. We have successfully completed the installation of fire alarm and access control systems in the Anthill project with the help of our experience from similar big projects and a portfolio of quality products. We worked in close collaboration with AE ARMA-ELEKTROPANC, the electrical contractor company who undertook the project, and together we created and implemented the most suitable solutions.

Early detection, regional evacuation and smoke control are important matters to be considered in terms of fire alarms in skyscrapers such as Anthill which operate continuously. The building automation system integration capabilities and the powerful network structure of the smoke control system were the most important factors in choosing the EDWARDS fire alarm system.

Anthill preferred smart card technologies for access control in the common areas, social facilities and similar areas. Thus, in addition to the security the appropriate infrastructure will be ready for different applications which can develop in future. Rosslare products were used in the access control system.

Technical approach

Anthill fire alarm system has a network of fire alarm panels with a total of around 6500 addressable detectors, buttons, and input / output modules. The tower is designed in zones controlled by different control panels and the panels send information to each other via a closed-loop network. As the towers are 240 meters high, evacuation is difficult to do quickly and accurately. Therefore, caution scenarios have been prepared as detailed as possible. Both to avoid false alarms and make adequate warning in each apartment, the alarm devices which can be controlled independently have been established in every apartment. In this way, it is intended to warn the departments which are in the floors which need to be early evacuated.

Fire alarm system is also integrated with other building systems, and it is intended to operate pre-programmed fire scenarios, access control system and building automation system independently. The information from the fire alarm system is transferred to the Building Management System with using a BACnet communication bridge. Smoke dampers, fans, aspirators and other mechanical devices, which will be used for smoke control, are controlled through fire alarm system. For this purpose, Edwards smoke control panels with indicators and control buttons have been established to control and monitor hundreds of mechanical devices.

The card access control system controls more than 100 doors in the public areas. Card readers that can read Mifare smart card technology have been preferred in the system. This system is also designed to work as integrated with the apart-hotel cards.

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