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Quasar, Istanbul

Quasar, Istanbul

Certified with the "World's Best Residence" award for Switzerland's quality and excellence concept, Quasar Istanbul was developed by the joint venture of Viatrans - Meydanbey. Viatrans is a Geneva-based company specializing in commercial real estate, logistics and insurance transport. Quasar Istanbul, where Viatrans had broken new ground, was opened in 2016. Designed by the joint works of two world-renowned design offices, Quasar Residences offer a unique life accompanied by the most fascinating views of Istanbul.

Role of EEC

EEC has successfully completed the installation of the Access Control Systems and IP Camera Systems in the Quasar Istanbul project as a mixed project that includes the Fairmont Hotel, residences and a shopping center. Based on its experience in such buildings as well as its knowledge and high-quality product ranges, engineering, materials supply and applications were implemented in the project by using UTC in the Access Control System and Panasonic products in the IP CCTV system solution.

Technical Approach

CCTV System

The project is monitored for security purposes by some 600 Panasonic IP cameras of different types selected according to the characteristics of the internal and external areas where they are used. The cameras are designed to ensure recording for 30 days and with 100% backup. For this purpose, there are 14 main NVRs and 14 backup NVRs for keeping the recordings.

Access Control and Security

Access control and security systems are used to monitor the parking lots, fire escapes and activity areas used by guests at the Fairmont Hotel section. Fire escape doors are monitored, and audible warning devices are activated in the area where the doors are located, in case of situations such as opening the doors etc. Panic alarm buttons are monitored in the spa, Turkish bath, massage rooms and reception area. In case of receiving an alarm, an audible warning is transmitted to the operator in the security control room.

There are 65 card readers within the scope of the access control and security system of the residence and shopping center section. At the same time, all fire escape doors are monitored and scenarios are created in such a way that the voice alarm device will be activated in case of opening the doors. There are 18 CTX-6 access control enclosures within the facility.

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