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G+M Emergency Announcement and Professional Voice Over Systems

G+M Emergency Announcement and Professional Voice Over Systems

Emergency announcement and public address systems are used in your buildings such as hotels, residences, airports, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping centers, business centers and industrial facilities for emergency voice evacuation, emergency announcement and music broadcast.

G+M Elektronik AG, Switzerland's leading producer of emergency announcement and public address systems, of which we are a representative, manufactures all its products with high quality standards in its factory located in Switzerland.

Implemented numerous reference projects around the world based on its 50 years of experience, G+M can offer special solutions according to the needs of your project thanks to its modular and flexible structure. In addition to the certified fire alarm emergency announcement systems produced according to EN54-16, EN54-24 and EN 50849, it also has a wide range of products suitable for different applications.

Modular structure and unlimited expansion capacity

With its modular product solution, the APS Series of G+M Elektronik offers unlimited expansion opportunities for all medium and large scale projects. According to the needs and demands of your project, a system can be configured specifically for each project through over 100 different modules. Future system expansions can be conducted with minimum costs by including additional modules and amplifiers.

Digital 100V technology and IP LAN network connection

By using digital 100V amplifiers, minimum power loss is achieved even at long distances, and amplifier power is saved. The system can be designed with the IP LAN connection, either centrally at a single point or dispersed across the project, and in a way that each of them will communicate through an IP network. Thanks to the IP network connection, a microphone station can be used at any point within the system, and remote monitoring and control can be executed through a computer.

EN54-16 compliant integration with Fire Detection Systems

Thanks to the APS system modules certified according to the EN54-16 standard, the entire system is continuously monitored, and any breakdown in communication and system status is immediately reported to the user. In this way, any breakdown that might occur in the central processor, amplifiers, announcement stations and loudspeaker lines of the system can be instantly identified, and it is ensured that the backup systems are activated immediately. In addition to the standard relay-based integration with fire alarm systems, there is also the possibility of ensuring integration through the software.

Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP)

Thanks to the ARIA system modules withdigital signal processing technology, a very high level of sound quality and intelligibility is achieved.

Dynamic Response: Ideally balances sudden volume increases and very low sound levels, thus ensuring a smooth, non-disturbing transition between music and announcements.

Echo Cancellation: As a result of simultaneous sound output from each loudspeaker, the sound of the loudspeaker that is closest to the listener reaches the listener first, but as the sound from each further loudspeaker comes with delay, it creates an echo effect, and this disrupts the intelligibility of the sound. To prevent this problem, various delay times are applied to different loudspeakers according to their distance from the listener.

Equalizer: Sound frequencies, bass and high sound settings can be adjusted for different areas of use and locations.

Fixing Volume Level: Depending upon the size of each room and emergency announcement status, the volume level can be fixed separately for each channel. In this way, music and emergency announcement sound levels can be adjusted specifically for each structure.

Touch User Interface with Map Support

Thanks to the IP network connection, the APS System can be monitored and controlled anywhere from a computer through the system network. It offers a practical and simple user interface thanks to its touch screen and map support.