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INTEREL Room Management System

INTEREL Room Management System

INTEREL's Room Management System (GCS), which ensures central monitoring and control with IP-based communication, offers much more than a hotel room automation. Operating in integration with the leading Back Office management software, INTEREL provides great benefits to enterprises as well as hotel guests.

You can reduce operating costs while maximizing comfort

INTEREL is a company leading the market with its over 25 years of sector and building automation experience. Headquartered in Italy, INTEREL provides great benefits to hotel enterprises as well as guests staying in the room, particularly with its new approach to hotel room automation, Hotel Room Control System (GCS). Today, many hotel room automations are designed only for the comfort of the guests. The innovation introduced by INTEREL maximizes the comfort of hotel guests, significantly reduces operating costs and ensures more effective room management.

Thanks to the IP-based communication system, the central monitoring software identifies the status of the room, whether it is available for sale, whether there is a guest or housekeeping staff in the room at a particular time, and with the smart management system, it allows the room to be controlled with the desired properties depending upon the user in the room. INTEREL, which can be integrated with the leading hotel Back Office software such as Fidelio, upgrades hotel room automation to the next level.

8 different user types can be programmed with the Room Control System.

One of the properties that distinguishes the INTEREL room control system from other systems is the Room Access Control, which allows each room to be controlled on its own. Unlike the other systems, INTEREL makes use of RFID technology. In this way, users may open their doors at once without any difficulties, while the programmable Mifare cards enable different user profiles to be created in the system. For example, these profiles may be programmed in 8 different groups for guests as Class A, B and C, Housekeeping, Supervisor, Maintenance, Security and Management.

As the guests are fully authorized to control the room, Housekeeping only has the authority to enter the room. In this way, Housekeeping will not be authorized to manage the thermostat or fan coil available in the room. Thanks to the lighting control, only the previously-programmed lighting will be activated. After the room cleaning is finished, Housekeeping can transmit "cleaned" information through the touch panel in the room. The supervisor may enter the room that has been cleaned by Housekeeping, and give approval on the touch panel that the room has been cleaned, or reject it and get the room cleaned again.

Thanks to Energy Automation, 3 different scenarios can be planned for the guests..

Today, energy management is one of the main automation systems used by all enterprises to reduce their costs. While energy management is recognized as a major item for savings in hotels, incorrect energy automation can disturb hotel guests. Thanks to its 25 years of automation experience, INTEREL provides energy management in hotel rooms, and prevents guests from being affected negatively..

The system offers special solutions according to the following 3 basic scenarios:
  1. The room has not been sold yet and is vacant
  2. The room has been sold and the guest is not in the room
  3. The room has been sold and the guest is in the room
The system automatically adjusts the room temperature for these 3 cases, ensuring the comfort of the guests, while also guaranteeing energy savings. Accordingly, if the room is vacant and has not been sold yet, ventilation can be turned off and curtains can be kept closed thanks to the curtain control. At the moment of check-in, the curtains in the room can be opened and ventilation and lighting can be taken up to the highest position to create a good impression for guests. If the guest has left the room and is not inside the room but within the hotel, air conditioner operates in the eco mode, ensuring that the room remains at the desired temperature when it is vacant.

Thanks to the IP communication protocol, the system communicates with its own Central Monitoring and Control software, allowing enterprises to monitor and control highly critical information.

It is possible for the management to monitor critical information such as

  • Which rooms have guests,
  • In which rooms there is staff (housekeeping, technician, supervisor etc.)
  • Which rooms are currently being cleaned/li>
  • Which rooms are available for new guests etc.

and a full operational control is ensured at the hotel. System software can be integrated with Back Office software such as Fidelio. Thanks to this integration, hotel management and technology operate in harmony with each other.

The units that prioritize aesthetics add elegance to rooms

The wide range of touch panels designed by INTEREL and reflecting Italian elegance includes door access units, in-room units, thermostat units, fixed, wired or wireless bedside units. These units that can be designed in different colors and functions according to the demands of enterprises add an aesthetic appearance to the room, and offer great convenience to guests and enterprises thanks to their functions.

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