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We spoke with Derby's Electrical Maintenance Chief about his EEC experience.

29 March 2023
We spoke with Derby's Electrical Maintenance Chief about his EEC experience.

Derby’s strength comes from its continuous production since 1940, 45 years of experience in razor blade production, world standard blade technology and production processes, being the only razor blade producer brand in Turkey, global experience in 5 continents, high performance and quality, wide range of products and accessible prices. Derby carries this power that is also reflected in the figures from Turkey to the world.

Continuing its activities in its 3-storey production facility on a 45-decare land in Tuzla, Derby has been relying on the solution partnership of EEC in the installation and maintenance services of its Fire Detection and Alarm System for the last 30 years.

We spoke with Derby's Electrical Maintenance Chief about his EEC experience.

I first met EEC 25 years ago when I was employed at Derby. When I started working, they had already installed the conventional type fire detection system at all our plants. Since then, we have been maintaining our cooperation with EEC for our maintenance activities. We did not have any hesitations before and during our cooperation. Even after we switched from a conventional system to an addressable system at our lighter plant, we have witnessed the benefits of it and decided to convert our analog system into an addressable system. As a result of the survey on infrastructure cabling, location and number of the necessary detectors and field works, I can say that we have commissioned the system in a very short time. We have always received assistance from EEC for our maintenance processes. We were able to quickly reach out to the staff and received feedback for the problems that emerged. Honestly speaking, we have never thought of cooperating with another company in case of our needs for improvements.

Integrated operation of the system enables us to act quickly.

Upgradeable characteristic of the products is an important benefit for us. When new locations are added, they can be adapted to the system immediately. We receive excellent services by converting the previous conventional system into an addressable system and establishing the connection and ensuring communication with the systems that have not been converted yet. I am very happy about this matter. When you look at the cosmetics plant, it is 300 to 500 m away, any warning received from that plant is transmitted directly to the main panel of the security staff, as it can be integrated even though there are different types of devices. In this way, we can take quick actions when we receive a warning from the cosmetics plant.

We should appreciate EEC’s solution-based approach.

I can say that the most important benefit of cooperating with EEC is that it is a very fast and solution-based company. For example, very quick actions were taken to eliminate our deficiencies determined in our inspection processes. Although it was not a planned job, we had a period that they tried so hard to fulfill the deadline. Therefore, I am very pleased with such hard work. They worked until midnight and helped us. Particularly in terms of the lighter gas activities that we had back then, we had to quickly activate the gas sensors, and they really contributed to our process very quickly. We should appreciate this approach of EEC.

EEC guides us in the selection of the right product suitable for the requirements of the environment.

We are currently using the Edwards EST3 product, and we have renewed the first installed system with a more advanced version. There are conventional products in only one section, and we are using addressable systems in the majority of our sections. The panel truly integrates and communicates with the devices in all our locations. We are able to include the changes such as the arrangement of the environment and the division of the rooms into the process quickly by assembling and addressing the detectors suitable for the new structure. Upgradability is an excellent characteristic of the system.

Also, these devices do not cause too many malfunctions. We do not receive any false reports. Surely, EEC has guided us in the selection of the right product in the right environment. The simplest example: we had used smoke detector in the injection unit without much knowledge about the plant structuring, placement of machines etc., but we had constant smoke in the injection unit because there was a heating problem caused by the raw materials. We discussed such problems with EEC, converted them into heat detectors suitable for the environment, upon their recommendations, and we do not have any problems now.

The system is actively working, and we haven’t encountered any major risks.

As we use a shift system in our plant, we take the opportunity to check immediately in case of any slightest warning. Clearly, we haven't encountered any major risks, but this does not mean that risks will not happen in enclosed areas, where people are not present. Risks may occur and they may not be noticed. From the electrical contact or from the attic areas, for example, from the locations where there is nobody. In this aspect, the reliability of the system is very important. The devices do not trigger false alarms and when we receive a report, the security staff immediately handles it. It notifies the location details about the warning on the screen, and our field team is able to quickly control and make intervention.

We have taken a new measure against the risks that occur in electrical panels thanks to the EEC solutions.

Electrical panels are critical in production plants. We have too many panels, and we were making some measurements by using thermal cameras from time to time in order to determine the temperature conditions. A circuit component inside the panel may get too hot and lead to burning from the inside. When this smoke in the enclosed area goes out of the panel and it is detected in the room, we get the news too late. We thought that this is a critical issue as it poses a huge risk, and we have made a fresh start by using the in-panel fire protection solutions offered by EEC.

When I contact the technical service team, I can always reach a solution.

I haven't used the technical service on-duty staff number and the e-mail group too much, because when I have contacted the team directly, I could always find a solution. Surely, I have received those notification e-mails, but I did not need to use it too much. The reason for this is that our cooperation has been smooth so far.

The maintenance team is quite knowledgeable.

We maintain excellent communication with the maintenance team. According to the plan, all process is managed together with our relevant staff, and we receive the necessary information to solve any problems that we encounter. We are trying to take the necessary actions accordingly. The technicians at EEC are quite knowledgeable and help us all the time. In this way, we are highly satisfied with their services.

They offer us the highest quality products.

They offer us the highest quality and trouble-free products. These products are durable and would never disappoint you. So far, we have never had a situation that certain boards or detectors have had constant breakdowns. If there is a need for maintenance, they report to us and we renew them. We have never neglected it. We install the available products, address them and continue all our operations.

Surely, a high quality product offers certain benefits.

A quality product is slightly more expensive than other products. We know it because we need electrical and electronic demands for years. For example, it is normal that the price of an ordinary product is X and the price of a quality product is X +. The products offered by EEC are higher quality and therefore, their prices are slightly more expensive than other standard products.

They act in full compliance with the deadlines.

We have always received our products on the deadlines. Maybe, we had certain delays due to the reasons beyond our control, but we generally did not encounter any problems, and we proceed in line with the plan.

Reliable systems for our enterprise

The system in our enterprise is operating quite reliably and smoothly. Product characteristics fulfill our expectations in our enterprise. We do not have any problems, sometimes the conventional system side can disturb us. This issue is always on our agenda, and we can and should do this improvement.

We trust our communication; we generate solutions and achieve results.

We have confidence in our relationship with the sales team, and they give us flexibility on most issues. Whether it is the price or delivery of the product. For example, even if there is something wrong, there is no situation such as "you wanted it this way and there is no way to go back". They definitely come up with a solution and achieve the result.

They give you the flexibility that you need in case of an emergency.

I recommend EEC’s services as I find it very reliable at this point. In fact, there were some companies that asked us to know the company "that installed the in-panel fire extinguishing system." We have tried to help them by explaining the steps taken by EEC to find a solution.

In addition, if an emergency case occurs after the needs are identified in your plant, EEC may give the necessary flexibility in the services that it provides. If it is conducting a more routine job in another location and you have an emergency case, it can send a team immediately to solve the problem quickly. They are able to adapt to your needs with a flexible way of working, and I appreciate it so much, because it is really difficult to reach some companies even in case of necessity. There were times when they have helped us so much, and I am quite happy about it.

We care about system maintenance.

We renew our maintenance contract every year, because we give importance to checking the system. The team visits our plant twice per year according to the planned deadline, they control the detectors in all areas up to the pollution rates, giving us reports and telling us the necessary steps to be taken. If there are any corrections that we want, they make these corrections and deliver the system to us in operating condition.

We did not encounter any disruptions in the services during the pandemic period.

We did not encounter any disruptions in the service quality due to the pandemic, it was already a smooth system. Our routine maintenance had continued as planned. We did not have any problems because the incoming maintenance staff had already passed through the security requirements, and they worked according to the relevant rules inside.

You cannot ignore fire risk.

As we are operating in the steel sector, we have many heat-oriented areas in our plant. There are furnaces operating at approximately 1000 degrees and we also have gaseous spaces. A fire risk may occur at any time in many risky spaces such as compressor rooms and panel rooms etc. Considering the risk analysis, there will be a high risk. You cannot ignore this risk in such a plant, it is absolutely necessary to install these systems.

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