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We Spoke with Park Hyatt Istanbul's Technical Manager About His Customer Experience.

09 January 2023
We Spoke with Park Hyatt Istanbul's Technical Manager About His Customer Experience.

Park Hyatt Istanbul - Maçka Palas Technical Manager: “We have been working with EEC for the last 14 years because it can fulfill the Hyatt Group's standards.”

The 100-year-old building, which currently serves as the “Park Hyatt Istanbul - Maçka Palas” in Nişantaşı, joined the Doğuş Group in 1994. Opening its doors in 2008, the 5-star hotel welcomes its guests with a team of 100 people in a total of 90 deluxe rooms and suites with sizes ranging from 50 to 250 square meters. EEC has been selected for the installation and maintenance of the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems at the hotel.

I had heard of EEC before, but different brands of devices supplied by a different company were previously used in this building. There are certain standards established for all products and services to be used in the Hyatt Group hotels, therefore; we have selected a new company in line with these standards, and we have been cooperating with EEC for the last 14 years.

We didn’t hesitate to start working with EEC because there is a scenario determined by Hyatt, which includes the details such as the time of receiving the second alarm after the first alarm, the time required for activation, the doors that will be and will not be opened, the elevators and locations of activation of them, the fans to be activated and the time for activation etc. We provided this scheme and EEC set up a suitable system for it. Necessary additions were also made to the existing system. I did not have any problems during the installation phase. I can also receive service support from EEC, and I have no difficulties in terms of meeting our needs.

The Biggest Benefit of the System is the Ability to Keep It Up and Running

The biggest benefit for me is the ability to keep the system up and running. It is very important that the system reports to me directly when there is an interruption at any point. I am sure of whether a detector is working or not because it, in any case, gives fault information immediately and this gives me confidence. After all, there is no chance to physically control every part of it again and again on a daily basis.

We also have a maintenance agreement with EEC. We call them in case of necessity, and if something needs to be replaced, they replace it. I have witnessed only 2 or 3 times that we had to replace a device, and I haven't encountered too many issues with the devices. For example, moisture had occurred because water penetrated into the detector. The EEC team arrived and scanned the system, they did a detailed check that took a while, and they clearly identified the problem and explained it to me. We disassemble, clean or replace it, and then the problem is solved.

In terms of other benefits, we might ask the following question ‘how many detectors have broken down here in 14 years now?’’ For example, penetration of water is an issue and if such situation occurs, it could affect 3 to 5 devices, but these devices were installed here with the assurance of EEC and that is why I feel safe.

Fire system and its maintenance is the most important issue in smart buildings

We obtain maintenance services once every 3 months. We plan the maintenance schedule according to the density of the hotel and the availability of our guests. The first one is main maintenance, then we proceed with the panels etc. As a result of the maintenance, we receive reports from you and I record them as back-up files. As all information for each device is kept in our records, I can go back and check them in case of necessity and make a request on it quickly. An inspection officer sent by Hyatt for these regular tests and records made the following comment to our general manager: "You have a guy like Super Mario on your technical side, he gave detailed answers to all our questions and showed us the records."

Fire system is the most important issue in smart buildings. Do you have a maintenance contract? The frequency of maintenance is important. Now, even if I am not here but at home, I receive reports on the slightest malfunction and an alarm on my mobile phone. I can immediately contact the team here and ask them and we will check it right away. Everyone already knows what to do in this situation.

Product quality is excellent

The products meet our expectations and are sufficient for us in all aspects. In terms of quality, they are excellent for us. Although they are slightly expensive, there is nothing you can do about it because the prices match with the quality of the devices. We sometimes experience difficulties in terms of budget. For this, we supply the spare products that might be needed for the maintenance on an earlier and bulk purchase basis. We make sure that we have stocks of the devices so that we can intervene immediately in case of a situation. We are prepared according to the needs that might arise in maintenances and inspections.

The delivery of the works goes as planned

I can say that the delivery time is excellent for us. For example, your team says that the works will be finished today, and everything is planned accordingly. It was the same when the system was installed, they explained the process, and the adjustments were made as we requested. We had no difficulties.

At this point, it is important to ensure cooperation with the company that makes the infrastructure i.e. cabling. During the cabling and installation phase, we named the sections as kitchen, ceiling, archive, warehouse, etc. so that it could be easy to follow them from the system. In this way, we can easily conduct controls in our test periods, which accelerates the delivery time of the work to meet our new needs.

I can easily reach your team

We have been in contact with your customer care officer in the technical team regarding our requests for long years, and I am very satisfied with the communication. I can easily reach your technical and sales team by telephone or e-mail, and even if I leave a note, I get a quick response from them.

The benefit of the service is the continuity of the team that knows our building and us

This is the most important benefit that I get from the service, I can solve my problems with a phone call. For example, it gives us great convenience that always the same technical team members that know our building and our working system come to our facility to provide services to us. Even in case of a change, as they all know their jobs excellently, they can learn the details of the situation here and take actions. So, I can say I am satisfied with the services.

I am very satisfied with EEC and I recommend it.

I recommend it because it is important to be able to receive technical services and reach the technical team easily and quickly for a product purchased and installed. This is the most important issue. The second issue is the quality of the products.

For example, the restaurant here did not belong to us and there was a different company operating inside. I specifically recommended them to cooperate with EEC. If EEC gave bad services to us and we were not satisfied with them, I would say that it doesn't matter to me which brand they use, but I am very satisfied with EEC and I am also pleased that they have selected EEC as well.

We received a fire alarm from a world-famous brand store downstairs and we quickly went to check it because they are located below our hotel and they are using the old systems in the building. A possible fire that might break out there may also damage our hotel. In our meetings with them, we recommend them EEC and the system that we use due to its benefits.

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