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Emsey Hospital İstanbul

27 February 2024
Emsey Hospital İstanbul

EEC Was Selected Due to Its Product and Service Quality

Our hospital was designed as a 37.000 sqm smart building concept in a way that could be remotely managed mostly with automation systems. Thanks to our cogeneration facility, we have a facility that can generate 70% of its own energy. We have founded the infrastructure and superstructure together with our international partners. The service quality and sustainability of our partners is a very sensitive matter for us, because we operate in the services sector, and we place great importance to customer satisfaction. Briefly, the success of our partners in providing fast and efficient services is also our success.

I was not working here during the installation phase of our hospital, our technical co-workers at that time had also cooperated with EEC in their previous projects, used your products and experienced your services. I can say that based on this confidence, they selected you for our hospital.

We have been cooperating with EEC for approximately 12 years, and we are pleased to proceed with a company that knows exactly what to do and how to do it. I can say that the safety of our patients, employees and our building is entrusted to these systems. We have not experienced any system-related problems so far. Our teams are able to response immediately when minor risks are identified. We regularly conduct our maintenance and scenario tests together with your teams every year. Luckily, we have not experienced and I hope we will not experience any problems in the future.

Our System is Easy to Understand, and Our Devices are Efficient

The most useful characteristics of the system are that it is easy and understandable, and we can easily make intervention to the structure. I can also say that it does not cause many breakdowns, and your devices are efficient. Surely, to ensure this, it is important to conduct regular maintenance. Most importantly, your teams are very experienced and provide feedback to us quickly. Although products are important, our contact with you as our service provider and receiving a quick solution are more valuable to us.

Although we face certain risks, we can luckily make an intervention before they grow further, thanks to these systems. For example, an incident happened in the kitchen 4 to 5 years ago and our fire detection system operated excellently. Our teams responded immediately and extinguished it directly. Therefore, in such risks, the proper functioning of both fire detection and extinguishing systems is extremely important in those critical minutes until the relevant team reaches the scene for response. The purpose of installing these systems is to eliminate the risk before it grows further in these critical moments.

Our Hospital is Protected with the Security Systems of EEC

We have been using the Access Control and Security System within our building for approximately 12 years. It fulfills our expectations and has been operating excellently for years and we are happy with it. Currently, all of our areas including our specially-designated locations, are protected with the security systems of EEC. We should not ignore the global problems encountered in the supply of spare parts, particularly during the pandemic period, but we still find a system, which operates in this way particularly in terms of card access, very successful.

I also learned about your innovations in a seminar that I attended. Surely, we would like to get to know about new technologies, but in today's conditions, a major change is a decision that must be assessed financially, and our priority is to continue with the existing installed system rather than incurring infrastructural costs for a new transformation. I am sure that we will be pleased to use your actual technological products in our new buildings, but we will be much more satisfied if we can continue to use your existing system by making the necessary minor updates in our existing buildings that we invested.

The Public Address System Constitutes a Critical Mission for Our Hospital

We have never experienced any problems with our Public Address System. EEC has always supported us in our use-related problems. When we had a problem, our devices were repaired and returned to us, and we are still using them and we are very satisfied with them.

The public address system is very precious to us because we operate in the healthcare sector. You can even hear the public address now, and we are actively using the public address system for all types of announcements. In other types of buildings, this might not be so important in terms of public address, but we continuously issue significant announcements for human life, such as blue code, white code and red code. The system plays a significant mission, which is crucial for our emergency response teams. While installing this system, we proceeded with the products recommended by EEC as our partner in this process.

For this reason, the systems installed by EEC and its engineering insights are very precious to us. As a customer, we can express our satisfaction because we do not experience any major problems, or we can easily discuss a situation with your team. Ultimately, we know that you are not the manufacturer of the product, it is the Bosch brand, but it is very important that we can reach out to the EEC team in case of a minor problem and they get back to us with a quick solution. These sensitivities are critical for us because we operate in a sector that can directly affect human health.

Devices are of Global Quality and the System is Perfect

Setting our personal opinions apart, the devices are of very high global quality. We have just tried to use the products more efficiently and better as you suggested. We also need to look at the system from the perspective of our technicians as end users, and they have not experienced any problems so far. If they had experienced any problem, we would have let you know about it. We also know that systems require continuous improvement and development.

As we look at it from a customer perspective, we will always find the prices high. If we can procure a product in a cost efficient way, it will be much more advantageous for us. It is very important for us that your services are accessible. I hope that other recipients of services can conveniently access to these services as well.

They Proceeded in Line with Our Deadlines

Actually, we cooperated with EEC again in 2019 to procure the low voltage systems for a 5500 sqm area. We implemented the following phases: design, infrastructure, determination of the products, pricing and then giving approval to you. After the approval, your teams got involved in the process, and they fully complied with all the deadlines regarding supply and delivery. I must also say that we are satisfied in terms of job delivery processes.

We Thank Your Team

Occasionally, re-assignments occur in your team due to promotions. First of all, our first sales manager, with whom we worked together for many years, helped us in all aspects, and we thank him so much. When you get along well with someone and achieve synchronization with him, you always want to try to solve everything with him. In that sense, Mr. Can had always supported us. Afterwards, Mr. Cengiz, a hardworking personnel, follows all issues from the beginning to the end, and helps us in all aspects and we are grateful to him. We are satisfied with your entire team, and we can reach out to them very easily.

We are also very satisfied with your technical team. They share the schedule with us in advance and pay a visit to us on the determined dates. While providing the services, they proceed in full harmony with our staff. They deliver the product, test it and then leave. We truly appreciate the efforts of your technical team.

Cooperating with EEC Instills Confidence and I Hope Our Cooperation Will Exceed 20 Years

We also cooperate with global companies to meet our diverse needs, there is nothing to say about their product quality, but they have problems in providing services because unexpected situations may occur in Turkey at any time, or we might have different management expectations due to our cultural structure. In this sense, EEC is very important because it is really difficult to achieve satisfaction with a company in terms of both business and service quality, and we have been cooperating with EEC for approximately 12 years, and I hope our cooperation will exceed 20 years.

We view the EEC team as a part of our EMSEY family, and we consider that we are providing the services here together. For this reason, we are trying to find a middle ground in the existing conditions of Turkey, but I think it is okay for me to say that your services are expensive, but we are satisfied with your services. We know that you will provide support to us in terms of both engineering and infrastructure in case of occurrence of a problem. In this sense, cooperating with EEC instills us confidence.

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