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Adnan Menderes International Airport, Izmir

Adnan Menderes International Airport, Izmir

Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal which was built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, was opened in September 2006. We carried out the procurement of goods, engineering service and application of fire alarm and smoke control systems for the life and property safety of the airport.

Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal is one of the biggest airports in Turkey with 108000m2 airport building and 70000m2 multi storey car park. It is in a very important position for improving the tourism and business in İzmir and Aegean region with its annual average of 5 billion passengers, 130 flight destinations and connection to 45 countries. It won the 2006 TUSCA (Turk Yapısal Celik Foundation) and 2007 ECCS (European Still Design Award) awards.

EEC’s Role

We carried out the procurement of goods, engineering service and application of fire alarm and smoke control systems for the life and property safety in the airport according to scope of the agreement with IC Ictas.

The applications complied with EN54-14 Europe Standards.

Technical approach

We used advanced technology equipments in the fire alarm and smoke control systems in the terminal. Components of the system were selected from high-tech fire detection and smoke control equipments.

Edwards Signature Series consists of high technology detection elements which are microprocessor controlled and algorithm based, which means it has the ability to decide with fire algorithm obtained by long test process.

In the system, there are 8 EST3 series network fire alarm panels (44 loops, 11000 address capacity). All these panels work in same network and Fireworks Fire Alarm Panel, Graphic Monitoring Software in the terminal operation center and car park security center obtain monitoring and controlling the system.

In this capacity, there are nearly 3000 detector points and also nearly 3000 monitoring and controlling points. The network architecture built by well standing F/O cards and fiber optic cables that are mounted to the EST3 fire alarm control panels.

Emergency management of HVAC systems is controlled by the smoke control panel, which can work as a network panel in the fire alarm system. The smoke control system can control and monitor more than 70 HVAC stations and smoke exhaust fans and more than 350 fire tampers in accordance with the fire alarm scenario.

Fire detection and alarm system works in integration with other mechanical and electromechanical systems in accordance with the emergency scenario.

This integration includes emergency control of smoke control, HVAC stations, fire tampers, smoke exhaust fans and stairs pressure fans. Thanks to this integration, the smoke in the fire area can be isolated from safety areas and can also be exhausted.

Flow switches, line cut valves and pumps in the sprinkler systems is monitored by signature series single channel monitoring modules, so the system can be checked to see if it works properly before a real fire situation. Also the system can be monitored during the emergency situation.

In case of emergency, lifts, belt conveyors and escalators are controlled automatically by signature series control modules in the integration content.

The fire alarm system releases the doors and turnstiles in the access control system, controls the PA system, monitors the alarm and fault state of extinguishing system and controls the natural gas valves.

For controlling and monitoring the fire alarm systems, there are 2 graphic monitoring PC and Fireworks Graphic Monitoring Software in the Terminal Operation Center and the Car-park Security Center. With this software all the equipments which are monitored and controlled by fire alarm panels can be seen on the architectural plan of the airport. In case of a fire alarm, operators can reach related architectural plans immediately and research it visually and in detail.

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