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KKB Anadolu Data Center, Ankara

KKB Anadolu Data Center, Ankara

KKB Anadolu Data Center was launched by the Kredi Kayıt Bürosu (KKB),  which was founded with the partnership of the leading banks in Turkey with the purpose of sharing systems and becoming the center of technology for the world of finance and IT.

Starting its operations in December 2016 on a total area of ​​43 thousand square meters in Ankara, KKB Anadolu Data Center offers and ensures the certification of software and security tests that many corporations, particularly SMEs, may need. The center consists of three main sections including 3 data center buildings of 10.500 sqm, a back-up office building of 2.800 sqm and a customer operation center building of 7.600 sqm.

Designed at the TIER-4 level, which is the highest energy efficiency and the highest availability standard according to LEED Gold standards and based on an environmentally-friendly approach, the Data Center continues its activities as an exemplary data center facility where the high security standards of KKB are improved and implemented. Also, it is the only one of its kind in Turkey thanks to its structural resistance to natural disasters and the highest level of technical, environmental, and physical security measures.

Role of EEC

EEC undertook the engineering, materials supply and application of the Fire Detection and Alarm, Public Address and Voice Evacuation, Security and Access Control, IP CCTV and Video Control Systems for the Kredi Kayıt Bürosu Anadolu Data Center Project. The UTC Edwards’ Smart Addressable Fire Alarm System, Panasonic CCTV System, Lenel Access Control System, Bosch Voice Evacuation and Music Broadcasting System products were used.

Technical Approach

The umbrella software UTC Lenel OnGuard was used, which allows for the monitoring and control of a wide range of systems operating in parallel with fire detection, CCTV and access control systems from a single interface, where data is assessed and instructions are issued.

UTC Edwards and UTC Lenel are among the world's leading producers in terms of system capabilities and quality of materials.

All fire alarm system equipment that has been processed on the CAD plans of the building can be monitored and controlled from the UTC Edwards' FireWorks Graphic Monitoring/Control Software. Panels and addressable field components that constitute the system can be controlled with the FireWorks Graphic Monitoring software installed at a single point. While the software acts as a hub that transmits alarm and fault messages to the operators in order of priority, it automatically displays the location of the detectors on the data center plans, thus reducing the investigation time for response. With the FireWorks software, the pollution level of all addressable devices can be reported, so that the maintenance needs can be monitored across the system, and the maintenance period can be decided.

Every second is precious when fire is detected in data centers. Thanks to the advanced technology in the structures such as data centers with very high investment costs, the term "very precious" gains different meanings through fitting large assets into small areas.

The UTC Edwards Fire Alarm System includes Fire Alarm Control Panels that operate as a peer-to-peer network. The panels control a total of 550 Signature Series addressable detectors, call-points and modules.

To better protect the valuable assets in the data center, detect problems at a very early phase and strengthen our fire and security measures in terms of the sustainability of the facility, aspirating smoke detectors were used in larger areas, which ensure protection for very early detection purposes and allow for early detection in addition to the addressable point detectors used in the common areas. The purpose was to detect possible signs of fire at the earliest phase.

The UTC Lenel Security and access control system consists of high-level security equipment such as 145 readers, metal door detectors, x-ray baggage control devices, access turnstiles, road blockers, full height turnstiles, bollards and vehicle barriers.

Over 150 Panasonic IP cameras connected to the CCTV system monitor and record the corridors, entrances and exits, common areas of the facility, all roads, elevators and environmental security of the data center. Cameras record images simultaneously in 3 separate systems integrated with each other. While 2 sets of cameras record images as clusters, 1 set of cameras records images on the cloud. As there is no tolerance for data loss, security is provided through high-level records.

EN54-certified Bosch products were chosen for the Voice Alarm and Public Address System solution. There are over 250 loudspeakers in the system, which has been designed in full compliance with the evacuation zones. According to the fire scenario, evacuation messages are automatically transmitted to the zones.

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