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Bakü Olimpiyat Stadı

Bakü Olimpiyat Stadı

The construction of the Baku Olympic Stadium, an investment by the Azerbaijan State Oil Company SOCAR, was started in 2013. This Olympic stadium, which costed approximately 640 million USD, was completed in a short period of 24 months.

Located on an area of 496.000 sqm in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, near the Boyukshor Lake; the Baku Olympic Stadium that has a capacity of 68.000 seats includes general use as well as retail areas, CIP, VIP and VVIP sections reserved for the disabled people, press and private use in a total indoor area of 204.000 sqm.

Baku Olympic Stadium, which is of great importance for Azerbaijan, received great acclaim and attracted the attention of the authorities with the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1st European Games.

Role of EEC

The following applications of the Baku Olympic Stadium were provided by EEC within the scope of the services provided to the construction and project contractor TEKFEN and the electromechanical contractor ANEL in this project that was invested by SOCAR Company.

  • Fire Alarm
  • Access Control and Security
  • Public Address/Voice Evacuation System
  • IBS advanced integration system of electromechanical and low voltage systems

Technical Approach

The Baku Olympic Stadium Project covers a very large area that includes the Main Stadium, MEP Building, Warm-Up Building, Info Center, Parking Lot and Social Areas. UTC Edwards brand was selected for the Fire Alarm System, and the own individual panels of each building operate as a network with over 10.000 devices connected to them. Fiber optical technology was used for the network communication between the panels. As part of life safety protection, the Firefighter Telephony System and Smoke Control Panel were also integrated into the fire alarm system for the use by the Fire Department.

The UTC Lenel products equipped with a capacity of 350 cameras and 200 card readers were selected for the IP CCTV, Access Control and Security Systems. The installed system is open to expansion, and allows for increasing the number of cameras and card readers according to the demands of the enterprise.

The Bosch Praesideo series products were selected for the installation of the Public Address and Voice Evacuation System, and an application that addresses approximately 200 zones was successfully completed with a total of 65 amplifiers installed in 5 different locations. With this project-specific solution, it is possible to make calls to all zones from a single call center and to broadcast music and emergency evacuation messages to the desired zones. For the communication between the control points; fiber optical technology was used as in the Fire Alarm System, and the network lines were installed with redundancy.

The Entelec Sky-Walker software was installed by the EEC engineers in the Smart Building Management System application, which is a unique system used in advanced projects, allowing electromechanical and low voltage systems to be monitored and controlled from a single center. Offering the capability to monitor the alarm and malfunction status of the subsystems and to control the comfort systems; this platform provides a wide range of benefits to the enterprise such as building management, emergency management and business activities. The Fire Alarm, IP CCTV, Access Control and Security, Public Address and Emergency Evacuation, Lighting Automation, Building Automation, Energy Management and Exterior Lighting systems were successfully completed by implementing advanced integration with the Entelec Sky-Walker software. This advanced integration is a unique, project-specific implementation that enables the monitoring and control of the electromechanical and low voltage systems from a single point.

Implemented by EEC for a long time and supported by its broad staff; these products were selected due to their network capabilities that stand out in multi-point and wide-area projects as well as their integration advantages, brand and quality recognition and compliance with the technical specifications.

It is crucial that the projects and applications fully meet the national and international standards during the design phases of the Olympic stadium constructions. In this project which must fulfill a wide range of standards such as UEFA, FIFA, IAAF and IOC; the comprehensive knowledge of EEC regarding the national and international regulations and codes ensured the excellent analysis of these standards and provision of the most suitable solutions. Selecting EEC as the low voltage integrator in the Baku Olympic Stadium project, which is a "Fast Track" project in terms of design and implementation, provided an advantage in the completion of the project in a very short period of time. The experienced sales support staff of EEC that has broad knowledge of the standards as well as its trained, experienced and quick on-site implementation teams and its procurement and logistics personnel specialized in supply process management were quite efficient in the successful completion of such a large project in a very short period of time.

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