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H. Z. Türkkan Sok.,Famas Plaza A16, Okmeydanı, Şişli 34384 İstanbul, Turkey


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Address Description

Our head office is located on the 16th floor of Famas Plaza, Block A in Istanbul Okmeydanı.

Famas Plaza is easily accessible from Şişli.

By Public Transportation:

PERPA or Okmeydanı Hospital stations

Okmeydanı Hospital stop (54 from Taksim and Şişli) or Okmeydanı 77 stop (77 from Şişli)

At the entrance of Halit Ziya Türkkan Street (Sisli - Şişhane line)

By Private Vehicle:

Through E-5 Highway:

Follow the Okmeydanı sign on the E-5 Highway and turn to the Piyalepaşa Boulevard in the direction of Kasımpaşa.

You will pass by the Okmeydanı Hospital Polyclinic on the right after approximately 300 meters. You can arrive at the back gate of Famas Plaza by entering the side road just ahead of the hospital.

Access through the Darülaceze Street

Follow the Okmeydanı signs on the Piyalepaşa Boulevard in the direction of Çağlayan to access Darülaceze Street.

Approximately 250 meters after you pass by PERPA on your right, you will see the Halit Ziya Türkkan Street on the right before reaching the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital. Famas Plaza is at the end of this street, and Block A is the first block that you will come across.

Parking Lot

There is a parking lot allocated for guests on the -6th floor of Famas Plaza. You can access the parking lot both through Darülaceze Street and Piyalepaşa Boulevard.

You can also use the parking spaces available on Halit Ziya Türkkan Street, or you can use the parking lot allocated for guests in front of Famas Plaza.