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Periodic Tests and Maintenance of Clean Gas Extinguishing Systems - Part 3

Fire Security Life Safety
Mert Yıldız
22 June 2021
Periodic Tests and Maintenance of Clean Gas Extinguishing Systems - Part 3

In our previous article, we discussed the necessary steps to be taken in testing and maintenance of the mechanical components of the Clean Gas Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems. In this part, we will talk about how to test and maintain the detection and control equipment of extinguishing systems.

How to Test Fire Detection and Automatic Extinguishing Control Equipment?

TSE CEN/TS 54-14 standard defines the test and maintenance procedures of the detection and control equipment of automatic extinguishing systems. The frequencies for conducting the necessary tests and maintenance are as follows:

Daily controls: Simple controls that the end user can do on its own, such as monitoring the control and display assembly.

Monthly controls: Inspection of the fire alarm buttons and fault recording system.

Quarterly controls: Conducting tests for power supplies, control and indicator assembly, control and monitoring functions, and inspection of structural changes.

Annual controls: Repeating all works done in the daily, monthly and quarterly controls and additionally conducting the battery tests and inspecting the accessibility of the devices and proper functioning of all detectors.

In case of identifying any malfunctions or damages in the system, it is the responsibility of the end user or property owner to make the necessary corrections or repairs as soon as possible. These works can be executed faster by keeping a certain amount of spare parts available in the facility.

Annual tests and controls should be done by competent and experienced companies.

While the daily and monthly controls can be conducted by trained personnel at the facility, the quarterly and annual controls must be conducted by the relevant specialized organizations. TSE CEN/TS 54-14 requires that as a minimum, annual controls must be conducted by a professional company capable of doing repairs on the system. Such a competent organization can find out the problems that the end user cannot see, by assessing the system in accordance with the design criteria, structural factors and applicable standards.

The maintenance company should assume full responsibility for testing and control of the detection, control equipment and mechanical components.

Periodic testing and maintenance of the clean gas fire extinguishing systems protects the facilities against damages and downtime that may occur in case of fire, and gives the personnel the feeling of being safe from fire hazards. These systems are complex systems that contain both mechanical and electrical elements. To ensure that they will fulfill their tasks in case of fire, you should prefer solution partners that are experienced, have a good command of the standards and are capable of assuming end-to-end responsibility for the systems.

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