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Capacity, İstanbul

Capacity, İstanbul

Capacity Shopping Center, which was opened in Bakırköy in November 2007 as one of the popular shopping centers in Turkey, hosts 22 million visitors every year. Capacity was founded as a shopping and living center on an area of ​​155.000 sqm. The building that serves over 200 stores also includes 9 state-of-the art movie theaters, a parking lot for 2500 vehicles and entertainment points.

Role of EEC

In today's modern shopping centers, investors and operators seek the highest level of safety of life and property, communication and automation systems. They need high quality security products that operate in full integration with each other, as well as systems that can be installed based on broad engineering experience and specialized application & maintenance staff.

The Capacity Shopping Center in Bakırköy is protected by the UTC Edwards Signature Series high-level fire alarm and smoke control systems provided by EEC with its engineering experience and quality.

Technical Approach

The UTC Edwards Signature Series is a high-quality product family consisting of microprocessor-controlled and algorithm-based detectors and auxiliary field components, combining very high false-alarm immunity with quick alarm capability. The product includes detection components with the ability to make decisions with fire algorithms obtained after long test processes, and has unique survival characteristics.

In the system, 4 UTC Edwards EST3 Range Network Fire Alarm Panels (32 loops, with a capacity of 8.000 addresses) operate as a network, and the system is monitored and controlled through the FireWorks Fire Alarm Panel and Graphic Monitoring Software available in the Security Hub.

In addition, the emergency management of the ventilation system is done from the Smoke Control Panel, which operates in integration with the fire alarm system like a panel in the network. By using the Smoke Control System, the control and status monitoring of over 30 air handling units, all smoke removal fans and over 150 fire dampers are executed according to the fire scenario.

The loop lines used for store fire detection are separated from the loop lines used for general area detection. In this way, the purpose is to make any necessary renovations in the stores much more comfortably and without any effects on the other areas.

The fire detection and alarm system operates in integration with the other mechanical-electromechanical systems according to the Emergency Scenario.

Within the scope of this integration, the emergency management of the Smoke Control System is executed with the control of air handling units, fire dampers, smoke removal fans and stairwell pressurization fans, which are part of the ventilation system, and the smoke in the fire area is removed from the building without spreading to the other safe areas. Also, the control of the stairwell pressurization fans, which were installed to keep the stairs with escape routes clean in terms of smoke, is executed to ensure the safe evacuation of people.

The status of the flow switches, line shut-off valves and pumps in the water extinguishing system is continuously monitored with the Signature Series contact monitoring modules, while inspecting whether the system is smooth and ready to operate before a real fire occurs, the operation of the water extinguishing system in case of emergency is monitored.

The controls such as calling the elevators to the ground floor in case of fire and keeping them disabled during the fire warning are also executed automatically by the Signature Series control modules within the scope of integration.

The control of the voice evacuation announcement made through the loudspeaker system is ensured by the fire alarm system so that people can be evacuated accurately and quickly.

The alarm and fault conditions of the gas extinguishing systems installed in various critical areas are also continuously monitored by the fire alarm system.

In addition, the fire alarm system operates in integration with the Building Automation System.

There is a Graphic Monitoring Computer and FireWorks Graphic Monitoring Software installed in the Security Hub for the monitoring and control of the fire alarm system.

The FireWorks Graphic Monitoring Software is an interface program that ensures data communication between the EST3 Panel and the user.

Thanks to this software, all devices that are monitored and controlled by the fire alarm system can be graphically viewed on the architectural plans, and in case of possible alarm situations, it is possible to quickly access  the architectural plans of the relevant areas and to make detailed reviews on the plans.

As in the Capacity Shopping Center project, the UTC Edwards Signature Series product family offers unique solution opportunities in  projects with thousands of detection and control points, where a wide range of panels are required to operate in a network, and large-scale and complex smoke control management is required, and the integration with the other building systems is intense.

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