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Automatic Extinguishing Systems Can Be The Most Profitable Investment For Your Facility

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Mert Yıldız
21 December 2021
Automatic Extinguishing Systems Could Be Your Most Profitable Investment For Your Facility

The devastating effects of fire are known by everyone. However, as fire is not a constant danger, we observe that fire protection measures are pushed into the background from time to time.

Unlike all other systems available in the facilities, automatic fire extinguishing systems are designed to work only in case of a fire. Under normal conditions, they are in standby mode. They do not have any impact on the normal operation of the facility. Thus, they may not be ranked on top of the list in terms of its investment importance.

However, the lack of these systems in the facility means not only loss of life or property in case of a fire, but also the end of the facility as a whole.

Firefighters can extinguish the fire, but can't save your future


The fires that break out in the environments that do not have automatic extinguishing systems get out of control and spread in a short time. It means that when the fire is noticed, it has already spread to the environment and reached a level that cannot be extinguished with direct intervention any more. At this point, loss of life and property may occur.

The main losses occur indirectly after this point. The failure to take sufficient fire protection measures means that the insurance will not cover material damages. Even if enterprises have insurance policies, the ratio of being able to return to the market is very low, such as 40%. Repair works to be conducted after a major fire will cause long shutdowns in production and operation. These shutdowns will cause suffering for the customers. The customers who are suffering and cannot receive their products will have to look for different alternatives.

Indirect losses that occur after a fire such as loss of market, loss of reputation, loss of brand value etc. are huge. As the company has lost its credibility, it will be difficult for it not only to regain its old customers but also to find new employees. By considering the damages caused by fires to the national economy, it is obvious that automatic extinguishing systems are a subject that should be carefully assessed in all aspects.

The future of your company may depend upon a small investment.

The best way to protect your facility from fire hazards is to make investment in automatic extinguishing systems. The first investment to be made in automatic extinguishing systems will prevent much more significant losses in a possible fire scenario.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are the specifically-designed engineering solutions in which a certain extinguisher is applied on the fire or in the environment where the fire has broken out. These systems, which are automatically triggered by detecting the temperature increase, smoke or other effects of fire, are automatically activated and extinguish the fire without need for any external intervention.

The majority of the losses of life that occur in case of fire takes place as a result of exposure to smoke. The resulting mixture of smoke and toxic gases may cause airway obstruction and suffocation. If timely intervention is not made, it is very difficult to save the personnel exposed to the smoke.

As automatic extinguishing systems detect the fire at a very early stage, it allows the personnel to leave the dangerous area safely.

Detecting a fire at an early stage also means that damage to the equipment will be lower. In this way, the repair cost to be incurred by the facility will be less, the downtimes will be shortened and the customer will not suffer.

Measures against fire hazards should be tailor-made

There are many different types of automatic extinguishing systems. When selecting the system, many factors such as the architectural characteristics of the area to be protected, working conditions, presence of people and the flammability classes of the stored materials are taken into account. Different automatic fire extinguishing solutions can be created for different sections of the facility.

In terms of the selection of an automatic extinguishing system, cooperating with a solution partner that can identify all needs in different areas that have fire hazards and that can approach with a holistic perspective and produce tailor-made solutions will ensure that your facility is secured against fire hazards.